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AXEL announces new distribution for the United Kingdom and Ireland with GRP Solutions Ltd.

WOODSIDE, New York, USA – AXEL Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc., has appointed GRP Solutions Ltd as its new distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland. The new distribution agreement takes effect as of January 15, 2016. GRP Solutions Ltd will technically support AXEL’s complete line of internal and external mould release agents: MoldWiz®, XTEND®, CleanWiz® and PasteWiz®. 

“We are very excited to work with the team at GRP Solutions,” said Jacob Axel, president of AXEL Plastics. “I believe they bring an exciting new dynamic to the UK Composites Industry. We look forward to servicing our existing customers through this channel and bringing our solutions to more businesses in the UK marketplace.” 







New Additives for Improving Flow In Nylon

Nylon Cable Ties

Two new additives from AXEL, MoldWiz® INT-PA33FRK (a liquid additive), and MoldWiz® INT-38F (an additive in pellet form) have recently been evaluated with excellent results.  The flow additives were loaded at 3 parts /1000 based on weight utilizing liquid or pellet feeders as appropriate.

 The first and most important observation was that both additives enabled resin to be injected on average at 10°F lower temperature than previously. In addition to exhibiting good flow at lower temperature, crystalinity was also excellent, enabling the cooling cycle of the injection process to be reduced on average 12.5%. These factors contributed to an overall cycle time reduction which correlated to a 4-7% increase in the number of parts produced.

New XTEND® 1050 Semi-Permanent Release Resists Hazing and Drag Marks In Tub/Shower Industry

XTEND 1050_tub_shower

XTEND® 1050 is new semi-permanent mold release specifically designed to resist hazing and loss of gloss which often occur in high volume FRP production and with many of the newer low VOC gel coats. XTEND 1050 is a quick flashing solvent formulation that simply wiped on the molds and allowed to dry, effortlessly providing a streak-free, high gloss mold surface. 

New Internal Mold Releases for DICY cured epoxy


DICY cured epoxies are among the most tenacious in their bonding properties, prompting many in the industry to search for more effective ways to release DICY epoxy, resins, compounds, prepregs and laminates. Now AXEL offers two new internal mold releases: INT-1323 for accelerated DICY and INT-1329, for non-accelerated cures. 

AXEL Education Session at COMPOSITES 2013


If case you missed our educational paper at COMPOSITES 2013 now you can dowload a pdf of this informative session which was presented by Scott Waterman, an AXEL technical manager with over 25 years experience in the composites industry, and a focus on closed molding operations.

New Water-based Mold Release Eliminates Coining and Pockmarking In Rotational Molding XLPE

water-based mold release, MoldWiz® WB-4606

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories announces a new water-based mold release, MoldWiz® WB-4606, that is ideally suited to rotational molding XLPE(cross-linked PE).